Lifevine Antioxidant Superiority Award Winner

About Lifevine

From the belief that neonicotinoids are the culprit behind Colony Collapse Disorder to the active ingredient in Round-Up, glyphosate, being linked to cancer, consumers are increasingly concerned over the environmental and public health risks associated with pesticides. While certified organic goes a long way to reduce the chemical load used in agriculture, the fact that over 99% of domestic farmland is treated as conventional Learn More…

Madhava Antioxidant Superiority Award Winner

About Madhava

Founded in 1973 as a honey producer, Madhava co-founder sold honey out of the back of his van in Boulder, CO. Madhava has since grown to become a recognized and trusted innovator in the sweetener category, dedicated to providing healthy alternatives to highly processed, refined sugars and artificial sweeteners. Today, Madhava offers its beloved honeys and agave along with an expanded portfolio of better-for-you Learn More…

Mychelle Antioxidant Superiority Award Winner

About Mychelle

The pioneer and authority in advanced, bioactive skin care, MyChelle transformed the natural beauty industry by being the first to use anti-aging peptides, plant stem cells, and clinically proven dermatological ingredients.With natural products now the expectation, MyChelle’s progressive 360-degree approach to beauty is to provide clean, conscious, and comprehensive skin care products that are bioactive Learn More…

How does it work?

Clean Label Project purchases products at retail, tests them for antioxidant superiority, and benchmarks the results. If the product is found to be among the top-performing in a given category, it qualifies for the Antioxidant Superiority Award.

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Step 3Testing

Step 4Benchmarking

Step 5Ongoing Compliance