Interview Brandon Stump creator of Pachamama



  1. Why did you create Pachamama?

“I was introduced to CBD after badly tearing two ligaments in my left ankle while playing basketball. Traditional forms of treatment were not working, and I was feeling discouraged.

I had been dealing with the injury for months and after two weeks of using CBD, I was back on the court. That’s when I realized I found an opportunity to change some lives.”

  • Co-founder, Brandon Stump


  1. I have to ask. What’s the story behind the name Pachamama?

“I heard the word Pachamama for the first time and I didn’t know what it meant, but I loved how it sounded. I learned it meant Mother Earth in Incan. All of our ingredients are organic and ethically sourced from around the world. So ultimately, the name Pachamama fit perfectly with our mission to provide quality products ethically sourced from the fruits and labor of Mother Earth.”

  • Co-founder, Brandon Stump 
  1. What makes Pachamama different from other CBD products?

“We didn’t want to create products that were derived from so many different sources—it’s pretty much the industry standard to use hemp from multiple farms across the U.S. So, our first idea was to use single-origin hemp. One strain from one farm grown by one farmer. We also have an amazing, organic, patented air extraction process. We don’t use solvents like CO2 or ethanol to extract the CBD from our hemp. We only use air. With this process, all of the cannabinoids and terpenes gently evaporate off of the hemp plant in under 2 seconds.”

  • Co-founder, Brandon Stump


While I know the question is really directed at the differentiators of our products, we feel it is just as important to point out the differentiating factors that surround the company and culture as well.

“At Pachamama CBD, we truly are a family. I view our organization’s biggest differentiating factor from any organization out there, any competitor out there, as ultimately our people. There is a significant portion of individuals in our organization that previously utilized drugs and alcohol. They’ve been able to transform their lives and utilize the good. Wanting to do something to change this world and make it a better place. That is what’s contagious. That’s what makes us successful. And ultimately, that’s what makes us different.”

  • Co-founder, Ryan Stump


  1. What made you interested in seeking Clean Label Project certification? What does Clean Label Project certification mean to you?

“We were actually not incredibly familiar with the Clean Label Project besides recognizing their logo on quality natural food products. The Clean Label Project really grabbed our attention when we learned about their study of over 240 popular CBD products, which was presented at the May 2019 FDA hearing. It was clear right away that CLP and Pachamama had a similar mission; to bring quality, reliable products to consumers. So, with confidence in the quality of our products, we approached the Clean Label Project and asked them to perform the same rigorous testing in our products. We wanted them to show us our blind spots. We were all ecstatic when Clean Label Project came back three weeks later and awarded us their Purity Award across our entire product line!”

  • Chief Operating Officer, Anthony Valentine


“We’re proud to have been awarded The Clean Label Project’s Purity Award because we now have this level of authenticity attached to the Pachamama brand that goes beyond just us understanding it. It proves to the entire world, Pachamama only creates the highest standard of products.”

  • Co-founder, Brandon Stump


  1. What’s your favorite Pachamama product and why?

“The Icy Muscle Gel. I use it every day for pre and post workouts. It allows me to run or bike longer without getting as fatigued, while also providing quick recovery without getting sore. I think it’s fantastic for strenuous outdoor activity.”

  • Co-founder, Brandon Stump


  1. Here we are in the middle of the second wave of a pandemic. What are you doing to stay calm, connected, and optimistic?

“I learned a long time ago that no matter what, I only have control of two things in life: my actions and my attitude. We just have to wake up each day and do the next right thing, try to connect a good decision to the next, and keep a positive attitude. No matter what, nothing can affect those two things. And hopefully, that can inspire others to stay calm, collected, and optimistic.”

  • Co-founder, Brandon Stump


  1. What’s next for Pachamama?

The short and long term future for Pachamama is extremely exciting. While we are all working in a much more challenging and ever-changing environment, I am extremely proud of our team for continuing to stay focused on our core, which is a quality, innovative, and customer-centric approach. From a product perspective in the short term, we are extremely excited to release our new Pachamama Variety Pack in late Q3. The Variety Pack was developed in response to consumer feedback and their desire to purchase one product which allowed them to try all our tincture variations. The long term will include more innovative products to fit the needs and desires of our consumers while keeping education at the forefront. Beyond providing quality, reliable products, we will continue to provide educational material and be a resource to help our consumers navigate a confusing CBD market that is still in a state of infancy.

  • Chief Operating Officer, Anthony Valentine