Precision Botanical THC Free Award Winner

About Precision Botanical

Precision Botanical constructed their product line around one truth: that purity and quality are the only ideas that matter when you’re looking for CBD. Most CBD companies test for fewer than 20 contaminants. Precision Botanical tests every batch for over 300, making Precision Botanical the most rigorously tested brand in the CBD industry. Learn More…

Real Time Pain Relief THC Free Award Winner

About Real Time Pain Relief

Real Time Pain Relief is effective on: muscle strains, sprains, bruises, cramps, and over 100 types of arthritis! * Just rub it on and the pain is gone! Learn More…

How does it work?

Clean Label Project purchases products at retail and tests CBD product down to 0.05% THC. Products that meet Clean Label Project’s strict testing and labeling requirements, are permitted to use the Clean Label Project THC-Free certification logo.

Step 1Contact with Clean Label Project

Step 2Sampling

Step 3Testing

Step 4Benchmarking

Step 5Ongoing Compliance