No Hemp. No THC. Just Citrus Derived CBD.

Pesticide Free Certification

From the belief that neonicotinoids are the culprit behind Colony Collapse Disorder to the active ingredient in Round-Up, glyphosate, being linked to cancer, consumers are increasingly concerned over the environmental and public health risks associated with pesticides. While certified organic goes a long way to reduce the chemical load used in agriculture, the fact that over 99% of domestic farmland is treated as conventional agriculture means that because of birds, bees, water, and wind contamination of organic farmland can and does occur. Market opportunities exist for growers, suppliers, manufacturers, brand owners, and retailers looking to curate products and systems that actively commit to reducing reliance on pesticides in order to meet evolving consumer expectations and concerns.

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Purity Award

Let’s face it, marketing departments do an effective job at selling comfort and security. The Clean Label Project Purity Award evaluates products for substances that would never be found on a product label. These substances include chemicals of concern and industrial and environmental toxins and contaminants (like heavy metals, pesticide residues, and plasticizers) that have the long-term potential to adversely affect health and well-being. Clean Label Project uses benchmarked data to compare individual product test results to the test results of the best-selling products in the same product category. In the process, we reveal to brands how their ingredient supply chain and quality assurance systems fare compared to industry leaders. We reveal to consumers what brands are taking the extra steps to minimize consumer exposure to known chemicals of concern.

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THC Free Award

The Clean Label Project Code of Practice for our THC-Free award takes a strict stance on the testing and oversight of products making a THC-Free claim. Unlike other standards and protocols, recipients of our award are required to undergo unannounced finished product testing at an independent third-party laboratory. Our sampling process replicates the consumer shopping experience and provides consumers additional assurance as to the absence of THC in the CBD products they ingest, put on their skin, or provide for their family.

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Peels is the purest CBD on the planet. By creating bio-identical CBD derived from citrus, any and all contamination and variation common to hemp and cannabis-derived CBD is eliminated. No two bottles differ in purity or performance. You can count on our Clean Label Project Purity Award-Winning CBD to have what you need and more importantly, to not have what you don’t want.