Guest Blog – I and love and you

  Guest Blog – I and love and you

Our mission at “I and love and you” has always been to provide pets with food containing the highest quality ingredients. Pets are family, and they deserve food that’s hearty and healthy. Our commitment to quality is why we’re honored to receive the Clean Label Project® Purity Award. The Clean Label Project® helps sustain a clean, pure, and science-driven method for making food. This organization provides pet owners with access to the information they need to make the best decisions about their pet’s health and well-being. We 100% support their mission.

Our Impeccable Standards

So, what makes our products a great fit with the Clean Label Project? First, we use only the best ingredients and are 100% produced in the USA.  All Facilities are SQF level III or BRC “AA” standards (industry code for best in show).  We also avoid fillers and ingredients known to be high in environmental contaminants like lead, arsenic, and acrylamide. We know it’s important to consumers, and it’s important to us as pet parents too!  72% of consumers are seeking the same quality they seek for their families.

We are proud to say we source cleaner, better products than others in the pet category.


We’re also proud that our foods have that “nothing weird” quality about them and are each approved by a Boulder-based holistic veterinarian. That means our food offers complete, whole-food nutrition, freshness, and premium ingredients. We serve up superfood ingredients such as fish oil and flax seeds so your pets can look and feel their best. Our kibbles are also packed with prebiotics and probiotics, which promote better digestion.


We’re just as passionate about transparency as we are about producing the highest-quality pet food. We believe you can care for your pet best when you know everything about their food. We will always be up-front with our ingredients, and we’re always happy to answer questions about how our products impact your pet’s health.

If you want to learn about all aspects of pet health, check out our blog to read about all the ways you can help your furry friend live their best life!



Contributing author: “I and love and you”, VP Marketing Lindsey Rabaut