Responding to the Whole Dog Journal Once Again

Responding to the Whole Dog Journal Once Again

On February 1, Whole Dog Journal wrote an article critical of the Clean Label Project.

Seventy-two hours later, we responded with a post on their website offering our rebuttal of what we perceive as scientific and factual inaccuracies in their article. The moderators of the Whole Dog Journal have removed this post not once, but six times! We find it disheartening that a group that accuses us of lacking transparency so blatantly censors their message boards, citing that “offensive materials and SPAM will be removed.”


Whole Dog Journal, an opinion that is different from your own should not be construed as “offensive”.


This is especially interesting given that the Whole Dog Journal is owned by the Belvoir Media Group, an organization that claims to pride itself on excellence, experience, respect, and reach. Shutting down the conversation when someone disagrees with an inaccurate post doesn’t seem “excellent” to us.  Perhaps this is another lesson the Whole Dog Journal should learn: The means to excellence is not through censorship. 

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